Saucypants shares Customer Information with third party intermediaries (for example merchandise distributors, vendors  processing our outbound email communications, etc.) who help us run the Saucypants Service and Site.  Your Customer Information is provided to these third parties solely for the purpose of providing you the services you request at the time that you request them.  Third party intermediaries do not store, retain, access, or otherwise use your Customer Information other than as necessary to provide you with the Saucypants Service.

Other than as described in the previous paragraph , Saucypants will not sell, rent, or otherwise share Customer Information with a third party without your knowledge and consent.  If you do not want your Customer Information shared at that time you will always have the option of telling us not to share it. 

Advertisers on Saucypants do not have access to your individual account information.  Advertisers simply give us an ad based on the demographic information of our users, and we put the ad on the site.  Other ads are run by third-party services such as google.  We do not share Customer Information with google either.

The one exception to the rule described in this section is the following: if Saucypants is required by law (or to protect its rights or property), we will disclose Customer Information to the extent so required.

You, your Invitees and their Invitees (if you select the option “Allow others to share this recipe/cookbook”) can see your recipes and/or cookbooks online.  An Invitee is defined as anyone who is invited to the Saucypants Site to see a recipe and/or cookbook.  Anyone who is invited to see a recipe and/or cookbook online must provide an email address and a password to access the site and view a shared recipe and/or cookbook.  When you choose to share your online recipes and/or cookbooks with Invitees, those individuals will be able to view your recipes and/or cookbooks.  If you select the option “Allow others to share this recipe/cookbook,” your Invitees will be able to share your recipes and/or cookbooks with their Invitees.  If you wish not to let them share your recipes and/or cookbooks, do not select this option.  However, as with any email, your Invitees could forward the email invitation to others, who will then be able to click on the link to the album within the email, and see the recipes and/or cookbooks. 

Saucypants employees may see your recipes and/or cookbooks and/or personal account information in order to evaluate, validate, or correct problems with your account.


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