If you have something SAUCY we would love to see it!!! We especially look for recipes, DIY projects, home ideas, favorite products, parties, entertaining ideas, etc. Please send us an email to with the subject Submission. Please include the following:



Company Name
(if applicable)

URL of Your Website
(if applicable)

URL of your Saucy idea
(if applicable)

Description of your Saucy idea

Complete Vendor Listing
We like to give credit to photographers, bakers, designers, event planners, etc.

High Quality Original Images
Please make sure your photos are at least 700 pixels wide, 400 pixels tall, and without watermark. Please send either a .zip file, a link to your original photos, or through a free file sending service such as We Transfer or YouSendIt.

Where Else It Has Been Published
If your idea has been featured on another site or blog (other than your own), please include the link(s). We prefer original content, if possible.

We will respond to your submission within 5 business days!  If we do not publish your work, please do not consider it a reflection of the quality of your work.  It is most likely due to timing, the season, or the number of spots we have available.  

Thank you!  We feel honored that you wish to submit your work to us!


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