LIFE: Spring Closet C-Day

March 29, 2013

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The day has come for the ultimate Spring Closet Cleaning.  It’s only a bad day if you make it one.  Hopefully you’ve already set yourself up for success following our ‘Prep’ Talk for your Spring Closet Clean advice.  With a little inspiration, you’ll be ready to start with step one.

Here’s an idea for organizing your scarves:

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This is a cute way to organize your belts:

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I saw a tip on Oprah that has you put all your clothes into your closet with the hanger in the reverse way, with the hook facing you.  Once you’ve worn and are ready to put back into the closet, you put it in with the hook facing away from you (how you would normally hang clothing).  At the end of the year, the clothing still on hangers facing the reverse can most likely be parted with.

Thinner and more delicate fabric shirts should be hung up, while sweaters can be folded into drawers or even stack boxes under the hangers.

Jeans and pants are best when hung.  But some jeans you may prefer to fold up.  I’d have a specific box dedicated to them.

Skirts and shorts are usually hung up and sorted by style, color, or length.

Dresses should definitely be hung up!  I found it easier for me to hang my long dresses in a separate hall closet with a higher clothes rod.

If you have a lot of jackets, I would consider moving them to the hall closet as well!  This opens your closet up to fresh and Spring time clothing.

Spring has Sprung Saucypants!


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