Note to Self – “Don’t forget to Have Confidence in You”

March 14, 2012

Creative Industry Workshop AH Inspired 1

The weekend before last I attended AH Inspired.  AH Inspired is a workshop dedicated to inspiring creative business owners to grow their brands and companies!  I learned so much from a fabulous group of speakers:

Amber Housley of Amber Housley
Courtney Dial Whitmore, author of Push Up Pops and creator of Pizzazzerie and The Bakery Spot
Sara Rose of Sara E. Rose Photography
Kelle Boyd of of Ann Kelle
Jessica Bishop of The Budget Savvy Bride.  

One of my favorite quotes from the event was: “she turned her dreams into plans!”  It was written on the beautiful journals that Amber provided to us for note-taking!  

First off, the details Amber attended to were amazing … from the letter pressed coasters to the orange and white striped straws to the pink and white polka-dotted pencils … the day was top-notch.  The food was to die for as well!  All-in-all it was a complete success!  The most important thing was I learned so much and got to meet such a fabulous group of ladies who are all turning their dreams into plans!  Here are some mantras I took away from the event that I think are applicable for any small business not just a creative small business:

“Get a vision, persevere, and stay focused.” – Kelle

“Try not to compare yourselves to others.” – Kelle

“Look at the numbers every once in a while, but stop focusing on the numbers.” – Amber

“Every touch in between surprise + delight.” – Amber

“People will never know unless you tell them.” – Amber

“Dream Bigger, you are capable of more than you know.” – Amber

“Work hard, put your heart into what you do, and you will be successful.” – Sara

“Make a personal connection through social media.” – Courtney

“Practice before you pitch, and wear high heels.” – Jessica

The workshop was set on the backdrop of Amber’s “Notes to Self.”  These were notes that she would have written to herself if she were starting a business today.  These Notes to Self she shared with us are based on her years of experience in owning businesses.  It was so neat because at the end of the day, she had us write our own Note to Self and take a picture holding it up so that we could keep this with us and always remember it!  Here is my Note to Self …

“Don’t forget to have confidence in you.” – Me

I HIGHLY recommend this workshop.  Not only did I learn the mantras above, I learned so many valuable tools to grow my business!  If you would like to go to one of Amber Housley’s workshops, please vote here where she should go next!


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