LIFE: A ‘Prep’ Talk for your Spring Closet Clean

March 28, 2013

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The dreaded Spring cleaning of the closet has come.  But shouldn’t we be excited for a fresh de-cluttered wardrobe?  Absolutely!

It’s the work that goes into it that makes it feel like a chore.  Especially when your entire day is stuck in your room and all you can do is stare out the window envisioning yourself laying by the pool and shopping for another Spring skirt to stuff into your already cramped dresser.

But the de-cluttering of a wardrobe isn’t a chore, it’s a reward!  

Consider the benefits:

Cleaning out the “I’ve worn that once” outfits, leaves room for you to showcase all of your best and favorite pieces

Leaves room for a few NEW outfits

Discover your forgotten favorites

You can donate, sell, or share with friends

A clean room always feels good

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So start with the prep work!  You can do these steps the day before or the day of your closet clean out! By splitting up the work you’ll feel refreshed the next day to really tackle the project.  Tomorrow we’ll be sharing our Spring Closet C-Day which will take you step by step through your closet!

You’re done for the day so go out and enjoy this beautiful weather!  Tomorrow,  It’s Spring Closet C-Day.


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