FOOD – Start Up Your Juicer!

April 9, 2013

“Juicing” has so many great health benefits. If you are new to jucing, this is a great starter recipe! You would be amazed at how you feel after having fresh juice each day.
This is the brand of jucier that I use…
Here is what you’ll need:
4 large organic carrotts
1 red apple
1 small chunk of pelled fresh ginger
1 small lemon
First, you want to cut the tops of the carrotts off. Then, cut them in half.
Cut the apple in a few peices to accommodate your juicer.
Peel the ginger and the lemon
Put everything into the jucier a little at a time
Stir and enjoy!
Make sure you drink the juice right away, because that is when you’re going to get the most nutrients. And don’t be afraid of the carrotts, they are actually very sweet and go really well with fruit juice.


  • Hi Holly, I just discovered your saucy pants recipe collector. Its a great idea. I would love to add to my blog so people can save the recipe they like. How do I do that? Is there a widget for it? I have a wordpress blog.

    Deepali September 27th
  • Deepali! Thank you so much! So glad you like it! Unfortunately, that is not available yet, but we will pass it on to our developers! Thank you so much!!

    Kristi October 10th

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