Holy Plumbing! Update Your Dresser with PVC Pipe!

March 8, 2012

Home Decor Dresser Update

I was watching the Nate Berkus Show the other day, and I was floored by one of the guests.  Mandi Gubler is one of Nate’s most liked House Prouders.  Her DIY ideas are ingenious.  Example #1 – this PVC Pipe Dresser.  I have no idea how she thought of this!  But I am so glad she did because I totally want to use this idea in my house!  Lucky you Mandi has a blog called Vintage Revivals where you can find this DIY project among others.  

After the show, I contacted Mandi and she was nice enough to let us feature her idea!  Here is the dresser before:

Home Decor DIY Dresser Update 4

I know right?!  She bought it for $50.  She said dressers with recessed drawers “are the best to find” because there are all sorts of fun ideas like this that you can do with them!  Here’s the short story on how to do this.  Cut an 8 foot long piece of PVC pipe into 3/8 inch wide circles.

Home Decor DIY Dresser Update 6

Now fit them into the recess.  With her dresser, the circles fit in so tight that she barely had to glue them on.  Depending on the fit of yours you might have to do a little or a lot of this:

Home Decor DIY Dresser Update 8

Next you will want to prime the dresser.  Mandi used Kilz Spray Primer.  

Home Decor DIY Dresser Update 5

Finally, paint!  Mandi used Krylon’s Classic White in Gloss because she wanted a high-gloss finish.  

Home Decor DIY Dresser Update 11

How cool does this look?  I can’t believe she got that dresser to look this modern!  Amazing!  Please click here to visit the full tutorial!  

Home Decor DIY Dresser Update 12

I’m just mezmerized by Mandi’s work.  I have been frequenting her blog since I saw the show!

Home Decor DIY Dresser Update 13

P.S. She is up for Best DIY Blog!  Please vote for her on Apartment Therapy!  She’s a doll!!!

Happy Home Decorating SaucyPants!


  • Love the pics and the idea of using the PVC for decorating!
    thank you for sharing :)

    Scott May 22nd
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