DIY Kid {Adult} Valentines

February 1, 2012

I about fell over when I saw these homemade valentines from Lindsey of Very Truly Me.  Valentines sure have come a long way from the paper glittery messes that were around when I was a kid!  Although, I’m not sure everyone can do this sort of thing!  Lindsey’s creativity is definitely extraordinary!  She got the inspiration from Pinterest.  Someone had pinned a valentine with a picture of a kid holding a sucker, and she thought it “was so cool!”  To her dismay, her children were not too keen on the idea of being photographed for their school valentines.  So, she came up with a Plan B.  She decided she would photograph her children’s favorite things and make them into 3-D valentines!  Her oldest son, Aiden, loves legos.  She photographed a lego dude that he had made and added a little glittery heart to make this first one!  

Her daughter, Emersynn (P.S. Don’t you just love her name!), just loves her guinea pig, so she created this guinea pig valentine for her!  How cute is this?!

Her other son, Kellan, loves sports.  She photographed this trophy they got him for winning his Fantasy Football League to create his valentines.

And finally, here they are all wrapped up and ready to give to their classmates!  Thanks so much Lindsey for your creativity!  I think these would be fun for adults too!  Don’t you?!!

Happy Valetine’s Day SaucyPants!

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